Industrial Furnaces for Tool & Die

tool and die

Tool and Die manufacturers create parts to meet specific shapes, sizes, and tolerances for countless products. The industry demands precision in the manufacturing of metal parts, instruments, and tools that are defect-free. Industrial tool & die furnaces are used to melt and hold metal that will be used in castings for part production.

Tool and Die manufacturers, like all other manufacturers, are focused on efficiency now more than ever. From fast melting times to minimal maintenance to low energy or fuel consumption, Lindberg/MPH’s line of non-ferrous melting furnaces provide these benefits without sacrificing quality.  Lindberg/MPH is a leading manufacturer of non-ferrous melting furnaces and holding furnaces. Custom options and sizes are designed to fit your specific process, facility requirements, and workspace.

Non-Ferrous Melting Furnaces for the Tool and Die Industry