Industrial Box Oven

Lindberg offers a wide range of electrically heated or gas-fired front loading ovens including walk-in, truck, car bottom and draw ovens.


Box Oven
  • Uniform heating assures consistent results
  • Easy-loading chamber
  • Fast thermal cycling and reduced heat loss boost productivity and uniformity
  • Designed to meet FM, IRI, OSHA, and NFPA requirements for safe production


  • Electrically heated or gas-fired
  • Front loading models including walk-in, truck, car bottom, and draw ovens
  • High capacity re-circulation blower
  • Baffle systems
  • Heavy-duty exterior
  • Pre-wired oven mounted NEMA 12 control panel with disconnect switch
  • Excess temperature instrument
  • Batt type insulation
  • On-off burner system on gas-fired units
  • SCR controlled incoloy sheathed heating elements on electrically heated units


  • Nitrogen purge available on electrically heated units
  • Free standing control panel
  • Temperature uniformity testing documentation
  • Modulating gas-fired burner system including position proportioning controller
  • Programmable temperature control
  • Temperature recorder