Hot Stamping/Press Hardening Furnace

LindbergMPH Hot Stamping Furnace
As the automotive industry faces new federal Corporate Average Fuel Economy standards, the need for lightweight, ultra-high strength steel (UHSS) components is rising. Lindberg/MPH is an American-based manufacturer with over a century of expertise in industrial furnaces and the metallurgical know-how your company needs to stay ahead of production.

Our hot stamping furnaces utilize a direct method, non-isothermal forming process to transform flat steel sheets into high-strength, thin and lightweight automobile components, including side impact beams, body pillars, framing, bumpers, roof rails and more. We have a variety of standard batch-style designs which we can custom engineer to your exact application needs. Lindberg/MPH frequently performs temperature uniformity surveys (TUS)  according to AMS 2750 E and CQI-9 standards, and we utilize that knowledge in the design and manufacturing of your press hardening furnace. Our state-of-the-art equipment will help you achieve safety standards and higher structural strength values.

Lindberg/MPH hot stamping furnaces are built to be flexible and ensure continuous production. Furnace chambers can be adjusted to meet the requirements of your parts, growing as your process grows. Additionally, we can dial in temperatures for any given part. Another advantage is that our modular design allows for individual chamber shutdown, ensuring that you never have to completely interrupt production for maintenance.

When it comes to making a difference in the final product, Lindberg/MPH is the hot stamping furnace manufacturer you need. We can help you meet the ever-increasing government requirements for vehicle crash performance and fuel efficiency, while providing the aftermarket services and support to keep your company moving.  

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Furnaces Available

  • Batch style
  • Roller Hearth
  • Rotary Hearth
  • Gas or Electric Heat

Furnace Features

  • Multiple zone control (front to back, top and bottom)
  • Individual furnace module heating
  • Protective atmospheres available
  • PLC control and data acquisition

Turnkey Automation

  • Pin pallets and blank loading systems
  • Centering stations
  • Fork loading/unloading systems
  • Robots and end of arm tooling




To watch the Lindberg/MPH Hot Stamping Furnace video on YouTube, click here.