Hot Stamping Furnace and Press Hardening Furnace

LindbergMPH Hot Stamping Furnace
As the automotive industry faces new federal Corporate Average Fuel Economy standards, the need for lightweight, ultra-high strength steel (UHSS) components is rising. Lindberg/MPH is an American-based manufacturer with over a century of expertise in industrial furnaces and the metallurgical know-how your company needs to stay ahead of production.

Lindberg/MPH hot stamping furnaces and press hardening furnaces provide uniform heating for a wide range of high-strength steels or aluminum materials prior to hot stamping or hydro-forming applications. Lindberg/MPH hot stamping furnaces are available in batch or multiple batch style configurations and are designed to heat any structural size or shaped part. These furnaces can be designed with rapid and selective heating areas, fast opening doors to meet any loading/unloading speeds, and data acquisition systems for full process reporting.

Lindberg/MPH hot stamping and press hardening furnaces are built to be flexible and ensure continuous production. Furnace chambers can be adjusted to meet the requirements of your parts, growing as your process grows. Additionally, we can dial in temperatures for any given part. Another advantage is that our modular design allows for individual chamber shutdown, ensuring that you never have to completely interrupt production for maintenance.

When it comes to making a difference in the final product, Lindberg/MPH is the hot stamping and press hardening furnace manufacturer you need. We can help you meet the ever-increasing government requirements for vehicle crash performance and fuel efficiency, while providing the aftermarket services and support to keep your company moving.  

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Furnace Configurations Available

  • Batch style
  • Multiple batch style


  • Stackable heating chambers up to seven (7) high
  • Fully automated cells with PLC controls and optional data acquisition
  • Three (3) independent heating zones per chamber
  • Atmosphere compatible with gas control for each chamber
  • Unique hearth and pier designs to meet process requirements
  • Air cooled furnace shells
  • Low temperature convection heating chambers


  • Provides heating rates for high production requirements
  • Compatible with robotic or mechanical loading / unloading devices
  • Allows for custom heating for any structural size or shape
  • Keeps steel parts free from scale or oxidation
  • Design offers any type of robotic loader or other end of arm tooling
  • No cooling water required for entire system
  • 1000°F units for Aluminum applications

Turnkey Automation

  • Pin pallets and blank loading systems
  • Centering stations
  • Fork loading/unloading systems
  • Robots and end of arm tooling




Lindberg/MPH supplied a four chamber hot stamping furnace to the Gestamp Research and Development facility. Click here to view a video of the furnace on YouTube.


To watch an overview video about Lindberg/MPH Hot Stamping Furnaces on YouTube, click here.

Lindberg/MPH recently supplied a 3 chamber furnace to a hot stamp company located in Grand Rapids, MI. Click here to watch the video on YouTube.