MPH Gas-Fired Holding Furnace

The 62-GH gas-fired aluminum holding furnace was designed to fill the needs of customers who want a gas-fired holding furnace that fits the footprint of the popular Holimesy® electric holding furnace line but with greater metal temperature recovery capability. A great choice for the higher operating temperatures required in permanent mold and sand casting applications.


Gas-Fired Holding Furnace
  • Different BTU/hour input packages are used on the standard sizes for different capacity furnaces providing better temperature control and energy savings. Additional packages are available with higher inputs for use on special, or non-standard, furnaces.
  • The burner produces a flat flame pattern that promotes even heating by radiation from the roof and eliminates flame impingement on the bath, minimizing metal losses.
  • A variable speed blower is used to provide fully proportional firing for better temperature control and maximum energy savings.
  • The unique burner and blower combination allows nearly a ten-to-one turn-down ratio to eliminate metal temperature "creep-up" at low fire and still provide maximum metal temperature recovery at high fire.
  • The majority of the combustion train and the junction box are mounted on the top of the roof to free up valuable floor space.
  • A pneumatic roof opening mechanism is included providing easy access to the heating chamber for fluxing and cleaning.