MPH Front Well


Front Well
  • Greater operator comfort and productivity
  • Easy cleaning of sidewalls
  • Long refractory life
  • Minimal melt loss, reduced possibility of oxidation
  • Fast melting in proportion to the holding volume
  • Optimal strength is ensured
  • Easy and complete access to the furnace chamber for charging and cleaning


  • Low heat environment, due to the virtually enclosed furnace and careful selection of lining components
  • Sidewalls can be easily accessed by opening the full width vertically rising door charge well door and through the rear manual access door(s)
  • High-alumina refractories, non-wettable to aluminum in the metal contact areas
  • Wide turndown, high thermal release reduces burners' flame impingement on surface metal.
  • Furnaces are pre-piped and pre-wired in the factory prior to shipment. Refractory linings are also pre-installed whenever possible