MPH Dry Hearth Melters

A great choice for melting at the casting station with separate chambers to melt and hold. It takes up a 1/3rd less space without compromising temperature control. The Turbo Melter is custom designed to meet specific customer requirements and can include provisions to treat metal in-line. This furnace allows the caster to introduce good clean metal at temperature to the machine which reduces scrap.


MPH Dry Hearth Melters
  • Energy efficient and space-saving design
  • Low fuel consumption and metal loss
  • Fast melting rates
  • Reduced casting costs and uninterrupted casting cycles
  • Long refractory life
  • No pot or crucible to replace
  • Relatively easy installation
  • Ideal for die, sand or permanent mold casting applications


  • Separate melting and holding chambers
  • Individual chamber temperature control
  • Proportioning combustion control in holding chamber
  • Metal level detector
  • Low-cement castable refractory, non-contaminating
  • high-thermal release burners
  • Air-operated charge door
  • Rugged shell construction
  • Pre-piper, pre-wired, with refractory installed


  • Holding capacity as low as 3:1 bath-to-melt-rate ratio
  • Fuel Usage: As low as 1,250 BTU/lbs.