Industrial Box Oven

Industrial box ovens for applications such as solution treating, tempering, drying, normalizing, stress relieving, backing and aging.



Lindberg Box Oven

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Lindberg offers a wide range of electrically heated or gas-fired front loading ovens including walk-in, truck, car bottom and draw ovens.

Key Specifications

  • Uniform heating assures consistent results
  • Electrically heated or gas-fired
  • Batt type insulation
  • Optional free standing control panel

Lindberg Drop Bottom Oven

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The Lindberg/MPH quick quench drop bottom furnace is electrically heated and designed for installation above the floor level. 

Chamber Size: 140 to 1345.5 cubic feet

Key Specifications

  • Temperature Range: to 1200°F
  • Temperature uniformity for consistent results
  • High capacity re-circulation fans
  • Optional computer control