Lindberg/Blue M™ Tube Furnaces

Lindberg/Blue M™ 1100 °C Tube Furnace

1100 C Tube Furnace

The 1100°C Tube Furnace gives you an energy efficient design with an economical price. It has fast heat-up recovery rates, exceptional temperature uniformity and cool furnace exterior. 

Key Specifications 

  • Unique furnace design
  • Venting and insulating air spaces
  • Accepts multiple sized process tubes (when used with optional tube adapter kit)
  • Self-tuning 16-segment digital programmable or single setpoint digital controls available, configurable in C or F

Lindberg/Blue M™ 1200 °C Large Diameter Tube Furnace

1200 C Large Diameter Tube Furnace

Our 1200°C Small Tube Furnace is easily operational, has an energy efficient design, fast cooling and rapid heat-up and response time.

Key Specifications

  • Exceptional radial and linear temperature uniformity
  • Single zone models can be used with a variety of customer supplied process tubes
  • Effortless observation and convenient tube placement
  • Three independent power circuits (zones) with independent thermocouples for control reference

Lindberg/Blue M™ 1200 °C Small Tube Furnace

1200 C Small Tube Furnace

Designed for energy efficiency, the 1200°C Large Diameter Furnace offers exceptional radial and linear temperature uniformity as well as rapid heat-up and response.

Key Specifications

  • Easy operation
  • Fast cooling
  • Requires little or no maintenance
  • Variety of furnace sizes
  • Easy observation

Lindberg/Blue M™ 1500 °C Heavy Duty Tube Furnace

1500 C Heavy Duty Tube Furnace

Our 1500°C Small Tube Furnace is easily operational, has an energy efficient design, fast cooling and rapid heat-up and response time.  

Key Specifications

  • Energy efficient design
  • Easy operation
  • Fast cooling
  • Rapid heat-up and response
  • Superior radial and linear temperature uniformity 
  • Variety of furnace sizes

Lindberg/Blue M™ 1700 °C Tube Furnace

1700 C Tube Furnace

Our 1700°C Tube Furnace is energy efficient with fast heat-up recovery rates and exceptional temperature uniformity – all at an economical price. 

Key Specifications

  • Energy efficient design
  • Economical price
  • Fast heat-up recovery rates
  • Exceptional temperature uniformity
  • Cool furnace exterior
  • Easily replace elements without the need to match resistance values
  • Accurate temperature measurement
  • Long thermocouple life
  • Added safety and performance

Lindberg/Blue M™ Mini-Mite Tube Furnace

Mini-Mite Tube Furnace

The Lindberg/MPH Mini-Mite Tube Furnace is a compact, single tube furnace insulated with Moldatherm for quick heatup and cooldown.


  • Temperature – Up to 1100°C
  • Microprocessor-based self-turning PID control provides optimal thermal processes without overshoot
  • Simultaneous LED display of temperature and setpoint in °C or °F
  • Split-hinge design simplifies loading and unloading
  • Safety switch disconnects power when furnace is opened
  • Type K long-life thermocouple