MPH Gas-Fired Stationary Crucible/Pot Melting Furnaces

Stationary Crucible/Pot

We melt them all from low temperature zinc alloys to aluminum to high temperature copper and bronze. Both stationary and manual or hydraulic tilt for all available pot and crucible vessels. This provides for automatic temperature control, long pot/crucible life, and easy installation. Gas fired melting furnace models feature high turn-down ratio, and electric provide long element life through robust rod-overbend elements. They are well insulated to maximize energy efficiency. Available with highly insulated and automated cover removal systems and metal leak detection circuits.




  • Less fuel consumption
  • Exceptional thermal efficiency
  • Fast, easy installation
  • Minimum floor space
  • No energy waste during non-productive hours—can be emptied and turned off
  • Stable temperature with minimal overshoot


  • Long-flame, nozzle-mix burner
  • Self-contained, low-pressure combustion air blower
  • Interchangeable with crucible or pot
  • Flame safety supervision standard
  • Simplified operation
  • Special sizes available