MPH Electric Immersion Holding and Melting/Holding Furnace

MPH Electric Immersion Holding and Melting/Holding Furnace

Make a serious cut in your energy bill with a furnace that is close to 100% efficient! Available in capacities ranging from 2800-8400 lbs with melt rates from 400-1000 lbs/hr. The specially designed heating elements are tubular type and are mounted in a ceramic block that floats in the bath. These furnaces are set up with dual operating parameters to allow for automatic restart and slow ramp up after a prolonged power outage. Once the zinc is molten, the controller will automatically switch back to the original operating parameters for normal operation. Design can be customized to fit your casting cell with automated scrap return.


  • Strong construction provides years of worry-free use
  • High-strength insulation assures minimal heat loss
  • Easy to use and reliable control components


  • Shell construction- 100% carbon steel plate welding
  • 6" high strength 2800°F insulating castable, backed with 3" of insulating block.
  • Floor is cast 9" thick with 2800°F insulating castable
  • Tubular-type heating elements in ceramic block
  • High temperature pigtails in steel flex tubing 
  • Twist Lock or Pin and Sleeve plug
  • NEMA 12 enclosure control: transformer, fused disconnect, SCR controller, power-on-and-off indicating lights, low temperature shutdown alarm circuit, alarm silence pushbutton, ammeter, current transformer, control relays and fuses.
  • Splash Shield and Stainless Steel Weir
  • Drain tapout with cast iron plug


  • Honeywell DC 230
    • Dual operating parameters for automatic restart
    • Microprocessor based temperature controller
    • Digital setpoint
    • LED readout and deviation indicator
    • Up-scale burnout protection
    • Type K thermocouple