Industrial Furnace Processes

Aging Process

The heat treatment process of aging uses the application of heat to a change the properties of an alloy. For each alloy that goes through the aging process, there is a unique range of time-temperature combinations to which it will respond.



Annealing Process

The process of annealing uses the application of heat in an annealing furnace or oven to change a material’s strength and hardness, relieve internal stresses, and provide increased ductility.



Austempering Process

The austempering process is the heat treatment of ferrous metals such as iron or steel to improve mechanical properties and reduce distortion. 



Brazing Process

Brazing is a heat treat process that joins two or more metal pieces together by using a melted filler metal at the point of joining.



Carburizing Process

The process of carburizing is the application of heat to diffuse carbon into the surface of the steel creating a thinner, harder layer of metal, known as the surface case, which strengthens the piece and prevents corrosion. 



Casting Process

The casting process used by foundries involves melting down metals such as steel or aluminum and pouring the liquid metal into casts. 



Hardening Process

This heat treat process of hardening uses heat to increase the hardness of the surface of the material because treated which decreases its vulnerability. 



Nitriding Process

Nitriding is a surface-hardening process that diffuses nitrogen onto the surface of a metal (normally steel, aluminum, or titanium). 



Normalizing Process

During the normalizing process metal is heated to a temperature and then held at that temperature for a specified amount of time. 



Sintering Process

The sintering process is used to compact a powder into a solid with the application of heat or pressure. 



Soldering Process

Soldering is a heat treat process used to join two or more metals together with the use of a melted filler metal.  



Solution Heat Treating Process

During solution heat treatment an alloy is heated and held to a specified temperature for a period of time allowing a desired constituent to enter solid solution. 



Steam Treating Process

Steam treating is used to produce an oxide layer over the surface of an iron part to make it more durable. Steam treating increases corrosion resistance, hardness, density, and certain magnetic properties of iron-based parts. 



Stress Relieving Process

Metal stress occurs from steel processing methods such as cutting, machining, and forging. 



Tempering Process

The tempering process is used to reduce the brittleness in hardened steel and to remove the internal strains caused by the sudden cooling in a quenching bath.