Lindberg/Blue M™ Box Furnace Atmosphere Retort

Lindberg/Blue M™ Box Furnace Atmosphere Retort
It's economical price makes this Retort ideal for a wide range of controlled atmosphere processes. Available in a variety of sizes, this Retort offers maximum operational convenience, reliability, and repeatability 


  • Ideal for a wide range of controlled atmosphere processes
  • Maximum operational convenience, reliability and repeatability
  • Variety of retort sizes



  • Designed for use with Blue M box furnace and control console systems
  • High temperature alloy for continuous use temperature of 1090 °C (1995 °F)
  • O-ring seal  between door plug and retort plate
  • Toggle clamps for positive seal
  • Heliarc-welded heavy gauge nickel alloy construction
  • Atmosphere sealed chamber
  • Hinged door plug (included in all retorts with - H designation)
  • Atmosphere inlet and outlet tube and one monitor thermocouple port


  • Viton seals
  • Maximum temperature of 1250°C
  • Circulating fans on 1100°C Utility box Retorts
  • Inert atmosphere flowmeters
  • Roller cart
  • Retort thermocouples
  • Retort locks offer automatic locking of the retort plug for combustible atmospheres
  • When working with combustible atmospheres, an automatic combustion atmosphere safety system must be used
  • When box furnace is purchased with a retort, a separate door plug is included for use when the retort is not utilized. Hinged door plug normally supplied with non retort box furnaces is not included
Specifications and Product Information are subject to change without notice.