Lindberg/MPH is committed to helping our customers achieve accurate, consistent production and energy efficiency by providing thermocouple, controller and recorder calibrations to a variety of specified industry standards. With the growing need for documentation and process control, it is essential to have temperature controllers and recorders calibrated often, as outlined in many standards and by external auditors. We can offer calibration contracts to ensure production doesn’t skip a beat.

Whether your system requires quarterly, annual or bi-annual calibration, our factory-trained experts can come to your facility and ensure your equipment and parts are reading the proper temperature according to the manufacturer’s guidelines. Traceable calibration documents and certification documents are submitted for each instrument, along with calibration stickers noting the calibration date, due date, name of the technician and any restrictions.

Best of all, as an industrial furnace manufacturer ourselves, we can be your one-stop shop for all your needs. We can implement essential calibrations and upgrades prior to performing a temperature uniformity survey (TUS) to ensure your process will qualify for the desired furnace class.

Lindberg/MPH offers complete Calibration Services for temperature controls and recording instruments which include NIST Calibration Certificates and ISO17025 Accreditations from A2LA for all makes of industrial furnaces, ovens, environmental test chambers, walk in chambers and a variety of other lab equipment.

Why choose an accredited calibration over a NIST traceable calibration?

Being NIST traceable simply means that the equipment being used to calibrate customer’s equipment is traceable to NIST standards, but an A2LA accreditation means a bit more. A2LA is an accreditation body that accredits outside laboratories to numerous standards, specifically ISO 17020, 17043, 17065, and 17025. Thermal Product Solutions is accredited by A2LA to ISO 17025 standards which means not only is TPS equipment NIST traceable, but also the methods we use comply with ISO 17025 standards. Thus, an A2LA accreditation is always NIST traceable, but NIST traceable calibrations are not always A2LA certified calibrations. Customers can also rest assured that by having an A2LA accredited calibration they are receiving a product that has a fully implemented quality system that reviews every detail of every service performed.

If you need a custom protocol written, we offer the capability to tailor the protocol to your equipment.

Learn more about our calibration services or schedule yours today.