Car Bottom Box Furnace

Lindberg/MPH manufactures fuel fired, electric powered and dual energy car bottom box furnaces for batch processing large parts at temperatures up to 2800°F. Applications include: hardening, stress relieving, tempering, normalizing and annealing. These furnaces feature rapid heat-up and cool-down rates.


Car Bottom Box Furnace
  • Innovative and lightweight modular design for easy installation
  • Economical system 30% more energy efficient than conventional car bottom furnaces
  • Exceptionally fast temperature response and excellent uniformity
  • Maximum utilization of off-peak power rates
  • Quick energy source versatility for fluctuating needs
  • Excellent resistance to thermal shock
  • Requires low maintenance


  • Electric models utilize Moldatherm insulation with embedded heating elements
  • Gas-fired models utilize medium-velocity gas/air burner combustion systems
  • Modular construction


  • Temperature range to 2800°F


  • Multiple temperature control zones
  • Large recirculating fans
  • Cooling system