MPH Stationary Electric Crucible/Pot Furnaces

Lindberg/MPH provides robust custom equipment, including the R Series crucible furnaces. These furnaces can be adapted for a multitude of metals and built to incorporate special voltages, frequencies and temperatures. Lindberg/MPH's furnaces can provide efficient solutions for die as well as permanent mold and sand casting of aluminum, zinc, magnesium, lead and other lower temperature melting metals. Rod-type nickelchrome elements are installed in the walls of these furnaces, allowing heat to be radiated to the container, melting the metal within. The SCR control handles the power input through use of a pyrometer and a thermocouple assembly.


Stationary Electric Crucible/Pot Furnaces
  • Designed for hand or robotic ladling directly to the die or mold or pressurized for low pressure die casting
  • Heavy rod-type nickel-chromium elements give long life
  • Available with special voltages, frequencies, or temperatures
  • SCR and excess chamber temperature control are standard


  • Close control of temperature
  • Longer crucible life
  • Quiet and cool operation
  • Fast, easy installation