Two Chamber Stack Melters and Dry Hearth Furnaces for Aluminum

With the most robust designs in the industry, Lindberg/MPH two chamber stack melters and dry hearth furnaces for aluminum and other applications are a premier choice for your melting and holding applications. Both are designed to minimize metal loss, reduce scrap, and provide efficient operation. Space saving designs offer the flexibility to meet your floor space requirements without sacrificing temperature control and performance. Dry hearth furnaces and melters feature fuel usage as low as 1,250 BTU/lb and stack melters as low as 1,000 BTU/lb. View more product options, features, and benefits.

MPH Stack Melter

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The Lindberg/MPH Stack Melter combines energy efficiency and low metal loss in the most robust design available to the industry.

Key Specifications

  • Available from 330-8000 lbs./hr.
  • Designed for melting and holding at a casting station or central melting
  • Can be connected to a lauder system and fully automated
  • Energy efficient with low metal loss 

MPH Dry Hearth Melters

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A great choice for melting at the casting station with separate chambers to melt and hold. This dry hearth furnace allows the caster to introduce good clean metal at temperature to the machine which reduces scrap.

Key Specifications 

  • Melt rates up to 5,000lbs./hr.
  • Customized design to meet requirements including metal treatment
  • Holding capacity as low as 3:1 bath to melt rate ratio