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Lindberg/Blue M™ Hi-Treet Box Furnace

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The Hi-Treet Box Furnace has long life and reliability. There’s a minimum heating of outer skin to maintain safety while in use and also product load protection.


  • Minimum heating of outer skin for safety
  • Product load protection
  • Long life and reliability
  • Quick delivery


  • Standard nitrogen atmosphere, but can operate with air or argon
  • Lightweight Moldatherm® insulation
  • Silicon carbide hearth plate
  • Side-mounted double-hinged plug door
  • SCR Power module
  • 8" wide furnace is stackable
  • Temperature- Up to 2500°F (1371°C)
  • Chamber sizes - 0.67 cubic feet - 4.5 cubic feet
  • Digital temperature control


    • Furnace stand
    • Quench tank
    • Quench tank baskets
    • Programmable controller
    • Transformer for 480V operation


    Annealing ∙ Ashing ∙ Carbon Firing ∙ Ceramic Firing ∙ Hardening

    Sintering ∙ Normalizing ∙ Austempering ∙ Brazing ∙ Preheating

    Solution Treating ∙ Stress Relieving ∙ Aging


    Model Chamber Dimensions in. (cm) Atmos.
    Input kW Power Max.Load
    Ship Weight
    Width Depth Height
    11-SCMT-8188-25A8 (20.32)18 (45.72) 8 (20.32)5012.5  240V/1Ph/60Hz50 850
    11-SCMT-182418-25A 18 (45.72) 24 (60.96) 18 (45.72) 100 40 240V/3Ph/60Hz 240 2,120
    *Specifications are subject to change without notice.