Lindberg Drop Bottom Oven

Drop Bottom Oven

The Lindberg/MPH quick quench drop bottom furnace is electrically heated and designed for installation above the floor level. The system’s quench tank is mounted on a transfer car that runs on rails. Load positioning and unloading is accomplished using a work table mounted on the transfer car. Loads are raised and lowered by a hoist. Tailored for aluminum solution heat treating and annealing, these furnaces meet stringent MIL specs and aerospace requirements. The system features a variable second quench with total load immersion. Quench media options include glycol and liquid nitrogen.


  • Temperature uniformity for consistent results
  • Long service life with minimal maintenance
  • Reduced operator error possibility, increasing quality and saving time
  • Meets stringent MIL specs and aerospace requirements for assured quality production
  • Designed to use minimum floor space
  • Minimal fabrication and erection time required


  • Electrically heated
  • Seven-second, automatic quench; total load immersion
  • Cold tested and programmed
  • No pits required
  • High capacity re-circulation fans
  • Microprocessor-based multi-zone programmable temperature control system


  • Temperature range to 1200°F


  • Computer control