Lindberg HYEN® Endothermic Generator

Lindberg/MPH’s HYEN® endothermic generators provide protective atmosphere that is considerably less expensive than a nitrogen based atmosphere due to the availability of natural gas or propane and the efficiency of Moldatherm insulation used in the endothermic generators. Gas-fired or electric-powered endothermic generator models are available in sizes from 500 to 6,000 cfh.


HYEN® Endothermic Generator
  • Reduced gas consumption saves money
  • Precise temperature control for consistent results
  • Energy efficient design
  • Eliminates need for costly water-cooled system
  • Meets Factory Mutual Engineering requirements for assured quality production


  • Electric-powered or gas-fired models
  • Catalyst-filled retort
  • Fully automatic turndown to 50% of rated output
  • Digital, microprocessor-based control instrumentation
  • Lightweight Moldatherm insulation
  • Completely assembled unit on one base
  • Electrically powered models feature combines heating element/insulation modules or rod overbend elements
  • Gas-fired models utilize tangentially fired, sealed-in tunnel burners
  • Air-cooled heat exchanger
  • Sizes available from 150 SCFH to 6,000 SCFH