Lindberg/Blue M™ 1500 °C Heavy Duty Tube Furnace

Our 1500°C Small Tube Furnace is easily operational, has an energy efficient design, fast cooling and rapid heat-up and response time. This unit offers superior radial and linear temperature uniformity and requires little or no maintenance. There are a variety of furnace sizes.


Lindberg/Blue M™ 1500 C Heavy Duty Tube Furnace
  • Energy efficient design
  • Easy operation
  • Fast cooling
  • Rapid heat-up and response
  • Superior radial and linear temperature uniformity 
  • Variety of furnace sizes



Single-Zone Models
  • Solid design incorporates double-end silicon carbide heating elements
  • Chamber constructed of high-temperature graded insulation
  • Insulating vestibules at the ends of the heated chamber
  • Long-life, fast response type "R" thermocouples attached to six feet of compensated thermocouple lead wire with a polarized plug
  • Cross chamber element positioning compensates for heat loss from the ends of the process tube and improves system performance
Three-Zone Models
  • Three independent power circuits (zones) with independent thermocouples for control reference
  • Temperature profiling: End zone setpoint temperature can be raised to compensate for heat losses and increase the length of the uniform temperature zone in the center of the furnace. To produce a pronounced controlled temperature gradient, one end zone can be operated at a lower temperature than the center zone, while the other end zone is run at a higher temperature. The setpoint temperature of each furnace zone is adjustable over a 0-1500°C range.
  • Uniform center zone temperature profile
  • Produces a pronounced controlled gradient
  • Temperature - 1500°C (2732°F) Maximum
  • Chamber Sizes
    • 12" heated length bored for 2" OD process tube
    • 36" heated length bored for 7" OD process tube


  • Computer communications port
  • Software
  • Inert and combustible atmosphere admission systems
  • All standard 1500 °C single and three zone tube furnace models are designed for horizontal operation
  • Option P Programmable Controller
  • Option B Overtemperature Control (OTC)
  • Digital communication kits
  • Retorts
  • Available controllers: Models 58125, 58175 58185 (single zone models); 58475, 58485, 58495 (three zone models) Versatile Control Accuracy
  • Chamber Sizes
    • 12" heated length bored for 2" OD process tube
    • 36" heated length bored for 7" OD process tube

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