Autoladle Dosing Equipment

With the Valca Autoladle dosing equipment from Lindberg/MPH, you’ll have the benefit of no metal contamination, quiet and easy operation, and superior durability. Lindberg/MPH knows the importance of reducing costs whenever possible, that’s why our autoladle dosing equipment is energy efficient and easy to operate which improves production times. Contact us to speak with one of our sales engineers for more information.

MPH Electric Valca Autoladle Crucible Preheat Station

 MPH Electric Valca Autoladle Crucible Preheat Station - Page List

Key Specifications

  • Temperature Range: 750ºF
  • Fits crucible sizes: 20,40,80, and 100

MPH Valca Autoladle

MPH Valca Autoladle - Page List

Key Specifications

  • Air: Plant air in the range of 60-125 psi is used
  • A PLC may be furnished for dosing control and fault annunciation
  • The gas control panel, complete with a motor-driven adjustable flow valve and pressure regulator, is supplied for remote mounting near the dosing unit