Industries Served

Lindberg/MPH designs and manufactures a wide range of custom and standard industrial furnaces for a multitude of industries including (but not limited to) aerospace, agriculture, heat treating, and military. Our expert design and engineering team is ready to take on even the highest industry standards.


Our Aerospace division serves commercial, industrial, and military focused products. Lindberg/MPH is able to meet the strict industry requirements and the ever-changing technology of this demanding field. From standard to custom sizes and capabilities, our expert design engineers are driven to exceed expectations.




Farming equipment is an integral part of the agriculture industry and many of the parts on this equipment go through heat treating processes like hardening and tempering, nitriding, carburizing and more.  Lindberg/MPH supplies industrial furnaces and non-ferrous melting equipment that are used to manufacture farming machinery.




The automotive industry is constantly changing. Lindberg/MPH specializes in working with industry leaders to design and manufacture industrial heat processing equipment to produce high-end components. The Lindberg/MPH team is able to adapt and recognize changes in the industry, and in turn, produce equipment to help manufacturers produce new and innovative parts.




The majority of our daily activities are dependent on modern day electronics.  These industry requirements are constantly being updated and industrial furnaces need to be able to adapt to the change. With the wide-spread requirements of different products, Lindberg/MPH is able to design a furnace to your exact specifications to meet industry requirements. 




The Energy/Oil industry depends on the reliable capabilities of Lindberg/MPH box furnaces, pit furnaces, and integral quench furnace systems to manufacture drilling equipment. This equipment provides a key role in the production and distribution of energy. 




Foundries cast parts out of steel, aluminum, and other metals using different casting methods depending on the part production rate, the intricacy of the finished part, and the metal being cast. Lindberg/MPH produces non-ferrous melting and holding equipment as well as supplies for industrial furnaces for heat treating applications used in the foundry industry.



Heat Treating

Heat Treating furnaces are commonly used for applications such as aging, annealing, solution heat treating, stress relieving, nitriding, and tempering. Our design experts have extensive knowledge in this industry and are ready to take on even the most demanding jobs.

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The quality of an industrial furnace is vital when it comes to the testing of new products and materials prior to them being brought to market. Lindberg/MPH ensures every requirement is met when designing a custom or standard furnace. We understand the limitations that come with the lab testing environment. That is why the stackable and modular units are a popular choice when facility space is sparse.  




The high standards of the military and defense industries are no match for Lindberg/MPH capabilities. Our durable industrial furnaces are used in the production of military gear, vehicles, and aircrafts. We're ready to take on your most demanding job.

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Moveable Machinery

Moveable machinery is used for farming, mining, and road construction. Lindberg/MPH supplies industrial furnaces and non-ferrous melting equipment used for heat treating processes such as hardening and tempering, nitriding, carburizing, and more. This ensures equipment is ready to withstand the heavy work loads and harsh conditions of the industry.