Stack (Tower) Melter

The Lindberg/MPH Stack Melter combines energy efficiency and low metal loss in the most robust design available to the industry. It is also the easiest to clean with adjacent doors in both the melt and hold zones. No blind spots. Energy consumption as low as 983 BTU/lb. has been recorded.


MPH Stack Melter
  • Energy efficient
  • Versatile and economical design
  • Precise temperature control in hold zone for consistent high quality metal
  • Space-saving design for limited workspaces
  • Fully automatic operation
  • Robust construction with the heaviest lining available and longest duration between repairs in the market
  • Best access for cleaning—no blind corners


  • Two zone, simultaneous operation configuration
  • Available in modular form for retrofitting


  • Melting Range:  330 lbs./hour to 9,000 lbs./hour
  • Fuel Consumption: As low as 1,000 BTU/lb