Aluminum Launder Systems

Lindberg/MPH’s launder system for aluminum has a longer lifespan than traditional tubular style elements. This proven technology delivers exceptional performance and longevity.

Product Details

The aluminum launder system features fiber embedded heating elements recessed above the sealing surface board, this 3-kW rated element is compatible with both 240-volt single phase and 480-volt single phase power supply when wired with two lids in series. The element is terminated in a NEMA 12 terminal enclosure and includes an on-off selector switch and an indicator light for ease of use.

The bottom sealing surface of the launder system is made of a non-wetting ceramic board, which provides superior heat resistance and a smooth surface that won't stick to any molten metal spills or splashes. The heating cover is designed for easy maintenance, with a manual hinge for cleaning and a counter-weighted design for effortless opening.

For added security, an adjustable toggle clamp assembly is mounted on the front of each heating cover to ensure a tight seal with the sealing gasket. Trust in the proven performance of this Reliable Heating Element!


MPH Holimesy Holding Furnace and Launder System
  • Manual kill switch per 8-ft section
  • Knife blade Kill-switch in every lid
  • Optional Cover Gas Inlets
  • Lockout points for maintenance


Control Options:

  • Discrete
  • PLC

Lid Lifting Options:

  • Counter Weight
  • Hydraulic Cylinders

Lining Options:

  • Board Lined
  • Castable Lined
  • Precast Shapes



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