Refurbished Ovens & Chambers

TPS Refurbished & Rental Industrial Ovens, Furnaces & Test Chambers

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As a brand of Thermal Product solutions (TPS), Lindberg/MPH now has the ability to offer refurbished and rental industrial or lab ovens, furnaces, and test chambers from our Pennsylvania location. We think this is a valuable resource for our customers.



TPS has been in the equipment refurbish business since 2004 and has shipped well over a thousand refurbished units to satisfied customers worldwide. As the OEM for Tenney, Lunaire, Blue M, Gruenberg, Wisconsin Oven, and now Lindberg/MPH, there is no one more qualified to refurbish our equipment. In fact, our Refurbish team encompasses almost 100 years of combined experience with the product lines.

Benefits of purchasing refurbished equipment from TPS:

  • High quality OEM parts and components are used during the refurbishment.
  • Equipment updates are performed by Skilled Craftsman with years of experience building and repairing TPS equipment.
  • Each refurbished unit is put through a rigorous quality process. For a complete outline of our refurbish process click here
  • The TPS Aftermarket team is just a call away to provide technical support and parts as well as offering onsite service and maintenance programs.
  • Exclusive 1-Year Warranty - TPS proudly backs the quality of our refurbished equipment with an unprecedented 1-year onsite warranty that covers both parts and labor (for standard TPS models). No one else even comes close to this warranty.

Rental Ovens, Furnaces, & Test Chambers:

TPS has a wide selection of industrial and laboratory ovens, furnaces, and environmental chambers available for rent. Whether you have a tight deadline to meet or are not yet ready to move forward with a purchase, the unit you are looking for may be available through our rental program. We also offer a rent-to-own option, which allows a percentage of each month's rental fee to be used as credit towards the purchase of a unit.

Please review our website for more information on the models that are currently available. If you do not see what you are looking for, contact the Rental Refurb Department. Depending on your time line, we may be able to accommodate your needs with one of our work in progress units.

Contact the Rental Refurb Department by calling or emailing us at:

570-538-7200 or [email protected]