Lindberg/MPH Companion Draw Furnace

Lindberg/MPH offers draw furnaces in fuel-fired or electric configurations for preheating, tempering and stress relieving. They can also be used for solution heat treating and aging aluminum.


Pacemaker Companion Draw Furnace
  • Fast processing speeds
  • Optimal production efficiency when used with Pacemaker™ furnace systems
  • Easy-to-service roof-mounted plug fans
  • Pre-wired and pre-piped furnace is ready for operation with minimal effort


  • Roof-mounted plug type fan for high capacity airflow
  • Magnetic proximity switch
  • Fresh air inlet and outlet with dampers
  • Lightweight, low heat storage insulation with stainless steel interior
  • 3/16" thick steel plate with structural reinforcement furnace shell
  • Pneumatically operated vertical lift type front door with manually operated 3-way valve, air filter regulator, and lubricator mounted and pre-piped
  • HK alloy roller rails and chain guide
  • Control cabinet
  • Instruments, pushbuttons, control circuit transformer, motor starters, and relays
  • Electric models
  • Incoloy-sheathed heating elements
  • Stainless steel circulation baffles
  • SCR controller with time proportioning output
  • Excess temperature cutoff instrument
  • Gas-fired models
    • Excess air burner
    • Stainless steel baffle
    • Solid-state controller
    • Excess temperature cutoff instrument


  • 800°F and 1400°F maximum operating temperature
  • Circular and strip chart temperature recorders
  • Full width alloy roller hearth
  • Inert atmosphere construction
  • External front-mounted water quench tank
  • For solution heat treating of aluminum
  • High capacity recirculation fan