Healthcare Laboratory Furnaces

healthcare lab

Laboratory furnaces are manufactured to meet the demanding requirements of the healthcare industry. Units are designed with the capacity to treat a variety of material volumes per hour, reliable temperature uniformity, and to provide consistent results in healthcare laboratory applications. Lindberg/MPH manufacturers lab furnaces that are energy efficient, require very low maintenance, and are equipped with necessary safety features to protect people working with them.

Lab furnaces for healthcare applications are a crucial piece of equipment and must be reliable in both performance and lifespan. Lindberg/MPH light industrial & lab furnaces are available in several configurations including lab tube furnaces and box furnaces. Both of these popular furnace styles feature quick heat-up and cooling responses with a large selection of sizes to choose from. Exceptional temperature control makes the lab tube furnace and box furnace ideal for a wide range of heat-treating processes in healthcare applications.

Lab Furnaces for Healthcare Applications