Industrial Casting Furnace

Casting Process

The casting process used by foundries involves melting down metals such as steel or aluminum and pouring the liquid metal into casts. There are a variety of casting methods used depending on the part production rate, the intricacy of the finished part, and the metal being cast. During the die casting process, metal ingots are loaded into a melting and holding furnace. The industrial melting furnace heats the ingots until they are molten metal which is then poured into a cast used to create the part. The cast is then cooled and may go through other heat treatment processes in an industrial furnace such as solution treating, annealing or hardening. These processes set the metal’s properties to the strength and hardness required.

Non-Ferrous Melting and Holding Furnaces

Non-Ferrous Melting and Holding Furnaces
  • Solutions for Aluminum and Zinc

  • Versatile and Economical Designs

  • Robust Construction Minimizes Downtime

  • Minimal Heat and Energy Loss