MPH Electric Immersion Holding Furnace

Electric Immersion Holding Furnace

Make a serious cut in your energy bill with an electric immersion holding furnace. Immersion technology can cut your electric consumption by a third compared to standard energy efficient electric holding furnaces. It provides for more uniform temperature throughout the bath which improves metal quality and reduces propensity to sludge. Recovery is much faster. No heat applied above the bath so you get virtually no oxide build-up at the bath line and the surface remains undisturbed. 

Lindberg/MPH's electric immersion aluminum holding furnace reduces the surface temperature of the steel shell to approximately 30° F over ambient with 1200° F metal. The design combines components from the extremely efficient Lindberg/MPH Holimesy® board linings with immersion heating elements mounted through the side wall. This heating arrangement allows more efficient direct heat transfer to the metal while still allowing access through the top for maintenance and cleaning.


Three (3) chambers – fill, heating, and dip-out
Inert gas port
Drain tap
Over temperature protection
Sialon® element protection tubes provide high strength, excellent heat transfer, and long life 
SCR controlled
NEMA 12 control panel
Efficient lining construction: Available with either a microporous castable or calcium silicate board hot face lining for maximum heat retention


Lower energy consumption 
Better temperature control
Provides maximum heat retention
Provides for more uniform temperature throughout the bath improving metal quality and reducing propensity to sludge. 
Recovery is much faster
Stays  Cleaner: Since there is no heat applied above the bath, there is virtually no oxide build-up at the bath line and the surface remains  undisturbed
More comfortable to the operator when cleaning

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