MPH Gas Fired Immersion Tube Zinc Melting Furnace

Gas Fired Immersion Tube Zinc Melting Furnace

The most productive way to utilize heat is to apply it inside the mass. Fast temperature response, without danger of overrun, provides fast recovery. Accessibility provided by the large surface area makes charging easy. The optional charging cradle allows for the charging of on-spec or master alloy and special high grade sows. Capacity ranges from 13,000 lbs to 373,600 lbs, and melt rates from 2,666 lbs/hr. to 16,250 lbs/hr. The BTUs/lb. to melt is half that of a pot-type furnace at only 250 BTUs/lb. There is no iron pickup because there is no pot, so you maintain alloy integrity. One unit can replace several pot furnaces.




  • Quick recovery
  • Closer temperature control
  • Increased fuel efficiency
  • Simplified charging
  • Helps maintain metal alloy consistency
  • Increases production floor space when replacing pot furnaces


  • Rugged cast refractory lining
  • Flame safety supervision standard
  • Splash guard for combustion equipment protection
  • Exhaust deflectors help maintain bath surface temperature
  • Optional charging cradle
  • Ideal for use with launder system
  • Gas-fired immersion tubes ensure efficient melting and uniform temperature control