Integral Quench Heat Treat Furnaces

Lindberg/MPH Integral Quench Furnace

Integral Quench Furnace

The Lindberg Pacemaker® is a highly productive and efficient integral quench furnace available in either gas-fired or electric models.

Key Specifications

  • Temperature Range: 1925°F maximum
  • Size and in-out configurations to suit your exact needs
  • Obstruction-free work chambers
  • Optional upper atmosphere cooling

Lindberg/MPH Manual-SL Integral Quench Furnace

Lindberg Manual Pacemaker-SL Integral Quench Furnace - Page List

The Pacemaker SL is an electrically powered, integral quench furnace capable of temperatures up to 1925°F. 

Key Specifications

  • Temperature Range: 1925°F maximum
  • High temperature range allows for treatment of many tool steel grades
  • Lightweight ceramic block insulation
  • Optional systems for endothermic or nitrogen-methanol atmospheres

Lindberg/MPH Companion Washer

Lindberg Pacemaker® Companion Washer - Page List

Companion immersion/oscillation spray washers are available in fuel-dired or electric configurations.

Key Specifications

  • Temperature Range: heated models to 180°F
  • Dunk / spray / oscillation washing cycle
  • Temperature and excess temperature instrumentation
  • Optional recorder

Lindberg/MPH Automated Load Cars

Lindberg Pacecar® - Page List

The Pacecar® is a motorized transfer car designed to provide efficient transfer of heat treat loads between Pacemaker® integral quench furnaces and other processing equipment such as draw ovens, washers, air blast cooling units and storage tables.

Key Specifications 

  • Fast efficient material transfer of heavy loads
  • Maximum operator control and safety
  • Free-turning rollers and safety stops
  • Optional storage tables

Lindberg/MPH Companion Draw Furnace

Lindberg Pacemaker Companion Draw Furnace - Page List

Lindberg/MPH offers draw furnaces in fuel-fired or electric configurations for preheating, tempering and stress relieving. 

Key Specifications

  • Up to 1400°F temperature
  • Gas and Electric Options Available
  • Fast processing speeds
  • Magnetic proximity switch