Cyclone Box Furnace

The rapid, uniform heating of the Cyclone Box Furnace has been proven in thousands of installations. The work is brought rapidly to temperature by the unique recirculating convection heating system that forces pressurized air through the load at high velocity. Temperature uniformity is typically ±10°F or better. Overheating by direct radiant heat is avoided because the heat source is in a separate chamber. This cyclone box furnace can be used for a variety of applications but is ideal for tempering.


Cyclone Box Furnace
  • Rapid, uniform heating for quick and quality treatment
  • Heavy, dense load capability
  • Easy-to-load setup reduces accidental damages and overheating
  • Compact size ideal for work cell/JIT layouts
  • Requires low maintenance

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  • Electric powered or gas-fired models
  • High velocity, re-circulating convection heating system
  • Separate work/heat chambers
  • Pre-wired, freestanding control panel with disconnect switch
  • SCR power control
  • Excess temperature instrument


  • Temperature range from 250°F - 1250°F (1400°F optional)
  • Uniformity: ±10°F or more


  • Tempering
  • Aluminum Heat Treating
  • Annealing
  • Stress Relieving


  • Fixed rail type hearth
  • Roller rail hearth
  • Various control and recorder options

Lindberg/MPH Cyclone Box Furnace