SCADA Systems & Industrial Control Upgrades

Lindberg/MPH can help you simplify your process or have better control over it through SCADA systems and other industrial quality control upgrades. As a long-standing leader in industrial furnace manufacturing, we know how to maximize your processes to achieve the results you want. Our factory-trained engineers can install upgrades on our site or yours.

Our team can help you integrate any individual furnace or an entire plant through implementation of a Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system. Your SCADA system will allow you to gather heat treating data from every division in your network without interfering with existing controls and scheduled processes. Whether you’re monitoring, checking furnace capacity, entering load sequences, gathering reports or checking alarms, you can simplify your process by doing it all from one centrally-located human-machine interface (HMI).

We can also provide the latest control upgrades for your individual furnaces. We are well equipped to install the right technologies that will give you better temperature control. We can also help you replace obsolete or unsupported equipment, including replacing paper chart recorders with paperless, digital recorders—a growing requirement across many industries. Our engineers can also help you switch to a touch-safe system to reduce liabilities and improve worker safety.

No matter what your need, the team at Lindberg/MPH has the expertise and tools to upgrade your industrial processes.

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