MPH Outperformer

The "Outperformer" Aluminum Melting Furnace can reduce energy consumption by over 50% for melting and holding compared to conventional furnace designs. The use of a curved clamshell-type door and drop arch force hot gasses over the charge area providing faster melting with less bath capacity. This greatly reduces your cost to both melt and hold. Additionally it reduces metal loss, noise, and heat around the furnace.


  • Tested at 1127 BTUs/lb. at full capacity
  • 18.5 BTU/lb. at idle, using 1/3 less gas than competitive units
  • Design greatly improves melt efficiency
  • The clamshell door and drop arch and flue positions force hot gases over the charge area
  • Scrap, returns, and ingot melt immediately simply because there is so much available heat
  • High turndown—near-flat flame burners prevent flame impingement and minimize melt loss
  • Less heat around the furnace
  • Reduced noise
  • Optional preheat hearth for bundles of ingot or sows


  • Greater operator comfort and productivity 
  • Easy cleaning of sidewalls
  • Long refractory life
  • Fast melting proportion to the holding volume
  • Relatively quick and easy installation
  • Easy and complete access to the furnace chamber for charging and cleaning