Cyclone Gas-Fired Pit Furnace

The gas fired cyclone pit furnace has been used for tempering, normalizing, solution treatment of aluminum and annealing for many decades. Today, it still sets the standard in the industry for fast heat up and tight temperature uniformity.


Cyclone Gas-Fired Pit Furnace
  • High productivity
  • Accurate temperature uniformity
  • Simple operation


  • Inert or combustible atmosphere capable
  • Work chamber isolated from heated chamber
  • Compact size is ideal for work cell/JIT layout
  • Metal-lined work chamber with ceramic insulation
  • High velocity recirculating fan
  • Easy lift cover
  • Complete, prewired, freestanding control panel with disconnect switch
  • Excess temperature instrument


  • 1400°F operation
  • Retorts
  • Air inlet/exhaust for fume removal, fast cooling, or low temperature operation
  • Various control and recorder options


  • Tempering
  • Stress relieving
  • Aging
  • Annealing of copper alloys
  • Solution treatment of aluminum and magnesium