Continuous High Temperature Sintering Furnace

The Lindberg/MPH high temperature sintering mesh belt conveyor furnace is available in a variety of sizes and belt widths. The continuous sintering furnace features an excess temperature safety system to guard product against temperature conditions along with easy installation and a competitive price point.


LindbergMPH Sintering Conveyor Furnace
  • Excess temperature safety system guards product against temperature conditions
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Low initial cost


  • Available in a variety of sizes and belt widths
  • Brick refractory or molded ceramic fiber insulation
  • Automatic electric atmosphere system
  • Pre-wired and plumbed
  • Lightweight frame and removable sheet metal panels or shell construction
  • Welded gas-tight alloy muffle
  • Stainless steel cooling chambers wrapped by copper tubing or water-jacketed
  • Adjustable proportioning valve
  • Panel-mounted temperature gauge
  • Insulated pre-cooling section
  • Electrical control subsystems housed in free standing NEMA XII control enclosure
  • Solid state, closed-loop belt drive control with digital speed indicator
  • Microprocessor-based digital controllers
  • Safety back-up system
  • Secondary igniter, nitrogen safety purge, and audio/visual alarms
  • Automatic inert gas purge of the muffle
  • Panel interlock power switch and circuit breaker


  • Temperature range to 2100°F


  • Sintering


  • Flame curtains in place of nitrogen purge chamber
  • Combustible atmosphere system
  • Multiple atmospheres (air, N2, or H2)
  • Binder eductor system
  • Nichrome V belt
  • Alloy 600 muffle
  • Belt speed ranges in ratio 1:10
  • Belt cleaner
  • Load/unload table extension
  • Cooling jets
  • PLC control system with touch screen interface
  • Oxygen analyzer
  • Moisture monitor
  • Sample pump
  • Belt stop alarm
  • Additional water-cooling
  • Transformer