Industrial Soldering Furnace

Soldering Process

Soldering is a heat treat process used to join two or more metals together with the use of a melted filler metal. The soldering process is similar to brazing, however, the filler metals melting point is lower than those used for brazing. Industrial furnaces are commonly used for soldering processes.

Electronics Mesh Belt Conveyor Furnace

Electronics Mesh Belt Conveyor Furnace

High yields of uniform quality products. These highly efficient and economical furnaces are designed for atmosphere and non-atmosphere applications at temperatures up to 2100°F (1150°C). 

Available in: air-, inert-, or combustible-atmosphere models with ceramic fiber heating/insulation models.

Key Specifications

  • Temperature Range: up to 1100°C
  • Maximum energy efficiency and long service life
  • Control of belt speed, temperature, and atmosphere
  • Optional combustible atmosphere system