Lindberg/Blue M™ 1200 °C Large Diameter Tube Furnace

Lindberg/Blue M™ 1200 C Large Diameter Tube Furnace

Designed for energy efficiency, the 1200°C Large Diameter Tube Furnace offers exceptional radial and linear temperature uniformity as well as rapid heat-up and response. Its easy operation makes observation effortless and allows for convenient tube placement. Single zone models can be used with a variety of customer supplied process tubes


  • Energy efficient design
  • Easy operation
  • Exceptional radial and linear temperature uniformity
  • Rapid heat-up and response
  • Single zone models can be used with a variety of customer supplied process tubes
  • Effortless observation and convenient tube placement


  • Single- and three-zone tube furnace models
  • Process repeatability
  • Single-zone models have two semi-cylindrical heating units
  • Single-zone models have full length hinge and positive hatch
  • Three-zone models have three independent power circuits
  • Three-zone models have independent thermocouples
  • Three-zone models have adjustable end zone profiling
  • Chamber Sizes
    • 24" heated length bored for 7" OD process tube
    • 36" heated length bored for 9" OD process tube


  • Available Controllers: Models 58114, 58124, 58174
  • Versatile control accuracy
  • Advanced self-tuning instrumentation
  • Selectable ramp-to-setpoint controls
  • Two digital displays indicate temperatures in C or F
  • Solid state power modules
  • One-off circuit breaker
  • One thermalcouple input jack per zone


  • Computer communications port
  • Software
  • Inert and combustible atmosphere admission systems
  • Single-end and double-end retorts
  • Programmable controller


Specifications and Product Information are subject to change without notice.