HOMO® Nitriding Pit Furnace

These electric-powered top loading furnaces are available in single or two stage nitriding systems and are designed for applications that require high resistance to fatigue, impact and continuous metal-to-metal friction. LindbergMPH nitriding pit furnaces are available with operating temperature of up to 1200°F.


HOMO® Nitriding Pit Furnace
  • Exceptionally high surface hardness
  • Parts with high resistance to metal-to-metal wear
  • Lower finishing costs—minimizes warpage, distortion, galling, and seizing
  • Improved corrosion resistance—especially if parts are not subjected to a final finishing operation after nitriding


  • Exceptional uniformity
  • Long service life
  • Fast, efficient cooling
  • Clean operation
  • Simplified installation
  • Nominal maintenance


  • Ammonia dissociators


  • Nitriding