MPH Holimesy Holding Furnace and Launder System

The Holimesy® low-energy electric holding furnace is the most energy-efficient aluminum holding furnace available and can reduce energy costs up to 80-90%. The totally enclosed design leads to uniform operating temperatures and virtually eliminates oxide formation and sludge. This minimizes maintenance and maintains your metal quality. The heated launder system shares the same energy efficient special ceramic plate board construction, which has the highest insulating value available, and is non-wetting to aluminum. The result is nearly perfect temperature control at the casting station without the hazards due to manual transfer. A much safer working environment.


MPH Holimesy Holding Furnace and Launder System
  • Totally enclosed unit
  • Long-lasting heating elements 
  • Non-wetting refractory 
  • Low-temperature furnace shell
  • Nickel-chrome type heating elements encased in allow sheaths
  • Mechanical on-off contractor or SCR control with a temperature controller and bath-immersed thermocouple assembly
  • Bath area divided into chambers for filling, heating, thermocouple assembly, and ladling 
  • NEMA 12 completely wired and assembled control panel


  • Energy-efficient operation
  • Low metal loss with minimal oxide build-up
  • Maximum metal quality
  • Minimal heat and energy loss
  • Improved working conditions
  • Long refractory life
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Easy to operate