The Importance of Preventative Maintenance on Your Industrial Furnace

Industrial furnaces do a great deal of work each day, and if they are working properly, they are going to see some normal wear and tear. There is not much to be done about that. However, with regular maintenance and preventative care, any industrial furnace can be kept functioning properly and efficiently, which minimizes downtime for major repairs and improves productivity.

Why Invest in a Preventative Maintenance (PM)?

There are plenty of reasons that you should perform preventative maintenance on your furnace, starting with the potential to catch issues before turn into major repairs or lead to an extended equipment shutdown. The cost of major repairs or an entire equipment replacement is pricey; preventative maintenance can help to prevent system deterioration, and identify potential problems before they cause a major shutdown. Routine maintenance, which can include having your electronic systems inspected, bearings inspected, and a leak testing done, can help to prevent larger maintenance issues from occurring.

A regular PM program is a wise investment because over the life of your industrial furnace it will save money in not only major repairs but also production lost during equipment shutdowns. When your industrial furnace is running properly you maintain consistency in your part results and minimize part rework. By keeping your furnace running as efficiently as possible you will save energy costs. Another benefit is it will help maintain warranties. Services like lining inspections, filter changes and cleaning, safety and NFPA testing, and regular calibrations can all help to keep your warranty current.

What Types of Maintenance Can You Expect?

The most common preventative care services for an industrial furnace are routine inspections of all wear and tear items within your furnace such as lining, filters, bearings, and the combustion system. Other maintenance items may include leak testing, calibrations, electronics, safety a NFPA testing. These items will not only help to keep your system running smoothly, but will also help to keep you and your employees safe. Routine inspections can bring issues to the attention of the company before they damage the system or worse. To learn more about PM services from Lindberg/MPH visit our website at /parts-service/industrial-furnace-preventative-maintenance.