Come Visit Lindberg/MPH at FNA 2016

The Metal Treating Institute and its media partner Industrial Heating Magazine have organized the 12th Furnaces North America (FNA) show that will be taking place at the Nashville Convention Center October 4-5. The FNA shows attract leaders in the heat treating industry. Attendees can expect enrichment and education from technical presentations that cover emerging technology, equipment and maintenance, fire safety, compliance, and many other topics that form the core of heat treat technologies. As one of the largest heat treat shows of the year you won’t want to miss it! Be sure to attend the keynote presentation by Walter Bond on the Keys to Peak Performance.

Come Visit Lindberg/MPH at Booth #344

Lindberg/MPH is a leading supplier of heat treating furnaces in a variety of configurations from industrial box and pit furnaces to custom conveyor furnaces. Our expert team will work with you to determine the best equipment solution for your heat treating application. A few of our product offerings available are:

Industrial Box Furnaces: We bring innovation to thermal processing box furnaces which are economical to run when processing large volumes of material. Our box furnaces are ideal for processes requiring temperatures up to 2,500°F.

Pit Furnaces: Our pit furnaces are feature a rugged design with high quality insulation. They are engineered to provide a long service life, easy maintenance and optimal thermal efficiency.

Integral Quench Furnaces: Our integral quench furnaces are highly productive and efficient. They are available in either gas-fired or electric models. A centerpiece of a complete heat-treating system, the integral quench furnace features obstruction-free work chambers, large capacity recirculation fans, and strategically located heated sources to ensure rapid heat transfer, low energy use, and excellent temperature and carbon uniformity.

Conveyor Furnaces: Our continuous furnace systems combine modular design with proven components and subsystems that provide exceptional reliability, precision and control to the heat-treating process. A variety of hearth configurations are available such as roller, shaker, and rotary.

Stop by our booth #344 for to discuss your future equipment needs. To learn more about our full line of heat treating furnaces and non-ferrous melting equipment visit our website.