Aluminum Holding Furnaces

MPH Holimesy Aluminum Holding Furnace

MPH Holimesy Aluminum Holding Furnace - Page List
  • Incorporates the revolutionary concept of insulation in both the metal containment area and the roof (element chamber area)
  • The most energy-efficient aluminum holding furnace available
  • Typical energy costs are reduced by 80-90% over older furnace styles
  • Tested in production to use only 5 KW/hr.

MPH Holimesy Holding Furnace and Launder System

MPH Holimesy Holding Furnace and Launder System - Page List
  • Provides the highest quality metal at the casting station
  • Close temperature control
  • Improves safety by eliminating hazards in transfer of molten metal

MPH Coil-Type Element Heating Lid

MPH Coil-Type Element Heating Lid - Page List
  • Designed to fit the standard Holimesy® line of electric holding furnaces
  • Provides more input and higher temperatures than the standard tubular heating elements
  • Manufactured of heavy-gauge, high-temperature alloy wire supported on ceramic-threaded sleeves
  • Due to the heavy wire gauge and large coil diameter, higher KW input can be squeezed into the same area
  • Relatively low watt loading per square inch of element resulting in longer element life

MPH Electric Immersion Holding Furnace

Electric Immersion Holding Furnace

Lindberg/MPH's electric immersion aluminum holding furnace reduces the surface temperature of the steel shell to approximately 30° F over ambient with 1200° F metal. The design combines components from the extremely efficient Lindberg/MPH Holimesy® board linings with immersion heating elements mounted through the side wall. This heating arrangement allows more efficient direct heat transfer to the metal while still allowing access through the top for maintenance and cleaning.


MPH Gas-Fired Holding Furnace

 MPH Gas-Fired Holding Furnace - Pag List
  • Fits the footprint of the popular Holimesy electric holding furnace line
  • Faster faster temperature recovery
  • Combustion and control package designed specifically for the furnace and application