Rotary Hearth Furnace

Used primarily for gear hardening type applications that require process quenching. Temperature range: up to 1850°F (1010°C).

Features / Benefits

Rotary Hearth Furnace
  • Variable speed
  • Fabricated continuously welded and reinforced steel shell
  • Single ended recuperative radiant tubes on gas-fired version
  • Low watt-density rod overbend elements with round cross-section for excellent long-term stability with minimal resistance change on 1850°F electrically heated version
  • Silicon carbide heating elements are utilized on 2500°F electrically heated version. The elements are mounted vertically around the outer wall of the furnace. Terminal connections in an enclosed box below the furnace. Elements are removable from the top of the furnace.
  • Complete, pre-wired NEMA 12 control panel with disconnect switch
  • Excess temperature instrument
  • Designed to meet FM, IRI, OSHA, and NFPA requirements
  • Endothermic gas atmosphere system standard
  • Alloy or silicon carbide hearth plates depending type of furnace and temperature
  • Endothermic gas atmosphere system standard
  • Water-cooled oil seal at the hearth
  • Pneumatically operated door(s)
  • High alloy recirculating fan on low temperature furnaces


  • Temperature control
  • Recorder
  • Carbon control with oxygen probe
  • Gas flowmeters for dissociated ammonia or exothermic atmospheres
  • Nitrogen-methanol atmosphere system


  • Hardening
  • Pre-heating
  • Normalizing