Electronics Mesh Belt Conveyor Furnace

These highly efficient and economical furnaces are designed for atmosphere and nonatmosphere applications at temperatures up to 2100°F (1150°C). Applications include: annealing, tempering, sintering, soldering, brazing and hardening. Belt widths available: 4" to 36". Belt speeds: 10 to 1 ratios as required.


Electronics Mesh Belt Conveyor Furnace

Offers the heat-treater continuous product throughput and complete process flexibility. 

These furnaces are capable of performing a wide variety of process applications, including annealing, brazing, enameling, glass to metal sealing, hardening, normalizing and soldering.

  • High yields of uniform quality products
  • Maximum energy efficiency and long service life
  • Easy maintenance




  • Available in air-, inert-, or combustible-atmosphere models
  • Ceramic fiber heating/insulation modules
  • Control of belt speed, temperature, and atmosphere
  • Continuous monitoring over-temperature system
  • Individually replaceable heating units, muffles, and cooling chambers


  • Temperature range to 1100°C


  • Air atmosphere
  • Inert atmosphere
  • Combustible atmosphere system
  • Multiple atmosphere (air, N2, or H2)
  • Binder eductor system
  • Nichrome V belt
  • Alloy 600 muffle
  • Belt speed ranges in ratio 1:10
  • Belt cleaner
  • Load/unload table extension
  • Cooling jets
  • PLC control system with touchscreen interface
  • Oxygen analyzer
  • Moisture monitor
  • Sample pump
  • Belt stop alarm
  • Additional water cooling
  • Transformer