Tilting Electric Crucible/Pot Furnace

Tilting Electric Crucible/Pot Furnace

Product Details

The RHYT series crucible furnace can be adapted for a multitude of metals and built to incorporate special voltages, frequencies and temperatures. Lindberg/MPH’s furnaces can provide efficient solutions for die as well as permanent mold and sand casting of aluminum, zinc, magnesium, lead and other lower temperature melting metals.

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  • Available in both hand and hydraulic tilt
  • Available with special voltages, frequencies, and temperatures
  • Exceptional thermal efficiency
  • Heavy rod-type nickel-chromium elements give long life
  • Less fuel consumption
  • Well-insulated for added efficiency


  • Longer crucible or pot life from uniform heat distribution
  • Low melt losses
  • No energy waste during non-productive hours. Can be emptied and turned off
  • Quiet and cool operation
  • SCR and excess chamber temperature control are standard