Tube Furnace Atmosphere Retort

Tube Furnace Atmosphere Retort

Product Details

Lindberg/MPH 59400 tube furnace atmosphere retorts are ideal for a wide range of controlled atmosphere processes. Designed for use with Lindberg/MPH tube furnace and control console systems, these retorts provide maximum operational convenience, reliability, and process repeat-ability. These versatile retorts are available in both single and double-ended models. The single and double-ended models. The single-ended retorts come equipped with one removable insulated end plug and have the opposite end plugged with an atmosphere outlet pipe. These retorts can be used in both solid and hinged type tube furnaces.

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  • Available in single and double-ended models
  • Combustible and non-combustible atmosphere gases
  • End plugs of larger retorts (3-inch OD and larger) are provided with inlet and outlet tube and one thermocouple port
  • Heliarc-welded heavy gauge stainless steel construction
  • High temperature alloy for continuous use temperature of 1050 °C (1994 °F)
  • O-ring seal between door plug and retort plate
  • Toggle clamps for positive seal


  • 57-inch-long, water-cooled retort section
  • Cooling Section
  • Custom-designed retorts are available for individual applications
  • Fast, convenient quick toggle fixturing
  • Heliarc-welded heavy gauge stainless steel construction
  • Inert atmosphere flowmeters
  • Models to fit all 59400 series retorts
  • Retort locks offer automatic locking of the retort plug for combustible atmospheres
  • Retort thermocouples
  • Silicone rubber O-ring end seals
  • Two adjustable leg supports
  • Viton seals available