Treet-All Box Furnace

Treet-All Box Furnace

Product Details

The Treet-All Box Furnace meets or exceeds industry standards for heat-up rates and outer shell temperatures. It’s modular, stackable, and space saving design make it convenient for any workspace. Units can reach 2150°F without atmosphere and 2050°F with atmosphere.

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Key Specifications

Units Without Muffle
ModelChamber Dimensions (in.)kWPowerMax.Load
Ship Weight
11-MT-121812-21*12 (30.5)18 (45.7)12 (30.5)10.75230V/1Ph/60Hz90432
11-MT-122412-21*12 (30.5)24 (61)12 (30.5)13230V/1Ph/60Hz120528
11-MT-123012-21*12 (30.5)30 (76.2)12 (30.5)15.5230V/1Ph/60Hz150865
11-MT-182418-2118 (45.7)24 (61)18 (45.7)15230V/3Ph/60Hz1801,000
11-MT-183618-2118 (45.7)36 (91.4)18 (45.7)22.5230V/3Ph/60Hz2701,275
Units With Muffle
ModelChamber Dimensions (in.)Atmos.
Ship Weight
11-MT-121812-21AM*12 (30.5)18 (45.7)12 (30.5)3010.75230V/1Ph/60Hz90557
11-MT-122412-21AM*12 (30.5)24 (61)12 (30.5)3013230V/1Ph/60Hz120693
11-MT-123012-21AM*12 (30.5)30 (76.2)12 (30.5)3015.5230V/3Ph/60Hz150865
11-MT-182418-21AM18 (45.7)24 (61)18 (45.7)9015230V/3Ph/60Hz1801,162
11-MT-183618-21AM18 (45.7)36 (91.4)18 (45.7)9022.5230V/3Ph/60Hz2701,472
Specifications and Product Information are subject to change without notice.
* Stackable model available


  • Long life and reliability
  • Meet or exceed industry standards for heat-up rates and outer shell temperatures
  • Modular and space-saving design


  • Alloy muffle with atmosphere models
  • Chamber Sizes – 0.92 Cubic Feet to 6.75 Cubic Feet
  • Lightweight Moldatherm insulation
  • Side-mounted double-hinged plug door
  • SSR power module
  • Controller Console:
    • Programmable Temperature Controller
    • Microprocessor-based PID control (proportional, integral, derivative)
    • Adjustable high limit overtemperature protection
    • Simultaneous LED display of actual temperature vs. setpoint
    • May be configured to display temperature in either C or F (C standard)
    • Temperature controller provides four 16 programmable segments consisting of ramps (up or down) or dwells (timed holds)
    • Provides positive protection of both furnace and load in event of failure in the primary control circuit
    • Redundant circuit includes separate digital instrument with manual reset push-button, magnetic contactor and independent thermocouple
    • Allows modification and interrogation of all instrument control and configuration parameters from a remote computer
    • Communications port with I-Tools communications cable


  • Furnace stand
  • Quench tank
  • Quench tank baskets