Temperite Box Furnace

Temperite Box Furnace

Product Details

The Temperite Box Furnace exceeds industry standards for heat up rates and outer shell temperatures. It’s modular, stackable, and space saving design make it convenient for any workspace. There is full access to work chamber for convenience and also product load protection. The Temperite Box Furnace offers excellent temperature uniformity ± 10°F within a range of 600°F to 1400°F.

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Key Specifications

ModelChamber Dimensions in. (cm)kWPowerMax.Load (lbs.)Ship Weight (lbs.)
11-MT-121812-14*12 (30.48)17 (43.18)12 (30.48)4.5230V/1Ph/60Hz90432
11-MT-122412-14*12 (30.48)23 (58.42)12 (30.48)6.75230V/1Ph/60Hz100528
11-MT-123012-14*12 (30.48)29 (73.66)12 (30.48)6.75230V/1Ph/60Hz125610
11-MT-182418-1418 (45.72)24 (60.96)18 (45.72)13230V/1Ph/60Hz1501050
11-MT-183618-1418 (45.72)36 (91.44)18 (45.72)16230V/1Ph/60Hz2701270
Specifications and Product Information are subject to change without notice.
* Stackable model available


  • Full access to work chamber for convenience
  • Long life and reliability
  • Meet or exceed industry standards for heat-up rates and outer shell temperatures
  • Modular and space-saving design
  • Product load protection


  • Convection fan
  • Lightweight ceramic fiber insulation
  • Manual motor starter
  • Power circuit breaker
  • SSR power module
  • Chamber Sizes – 0.92 Cubic Feet to 6.75 Cubic Feet
  • Controller Console:
    • Programmable Temperature Controller
    • Microprocessor-based PID control (proportional, integral, derivative)
    • Adjustable high limit overtemperature protection
    • Simultaneous LED display of actual temperature vs. setpoint
    • May be configured to display temperature in either C or F (C standard)
    • Temperature controller provides four 16 programmable segments consisting of ramps (up or down) or dwells (timed holds)
    • Provides positive protection of both furnace and load in event of failure in the primary control circuit
    • Redundant circuit includes separate digital instrument with manual reset push-button, magnetic contactor and independent thermocouple
    • Allows modification and interrogation of all instrument control and configuration parameters from a remote computer
    • Communications port with I-Tools communications cable


  • Furnace stand
  • Quench tank
  • Quench tank baskets