Pit Furnace Companion Quench Tank

Pit Furnace Companion Quench Tank


Product Details

The pit furnace companion quench tanks are custom designed to meet the customer’s application requirements. This equipment is available either electrically or gas-heated. For use with water, polymer, or oil quenchants. Stainless steel construction for water applications.

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  • Choice of electric or gas-heated
  • Easy top-loading chamber from an overhead crane


  • Complete, pre-wired free-standing control panel with disconnect switch
  • Propeller agitator(s) provides uniform quenching
  • Sight gauge for a quick check of liquid level with the automatic low-level arm


  • Excess temperature control
  • Immersion preheater with temperature control
  • Liquid to air heat exchanger with pump
  • Liquid to water heat exchanger with pump
  • Pump agitation